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The MegaMan Melee - Stats
1 The MegaMan Melee
A world of endless prospect, and endless dangers.... a system based both on role-play and battle, allowing for one of the most customizable systems known to Mega-Man RPGs. Do you have the strategy needed to survive?
Category: MegaMan RPGs | Movement: Neutral
Today 12
Average 17.7
Rockman.EXE - Rogue Network - Stats
2 Rockman.EXE - Rogue Network
From its beginnings, RE:RN has been a haven for a staggering variety of fans literally from around the world. Nearly a year later, we've developed--but we remain a great destination for quality roleplaying. Knowledge not required-- only a desire to RP.
Category: MegaMan Battle Network | Movement: Neutral
Today 14
Average 17.6
Megaman Star Force RPG - Stats
3 Megaman Star Force RPG
One of the only active forums devoted only to the newest addition to the Megaman family, Star Force. Here you can create your own character and have them meet an FMian or AMian and explore the world. Join the fun today!
Category: MegaMan Games | Movement: Neutral
Today 3
Average 5.3
MegaMan Battle Network CyberTournament - Stats
4 MegaMan Battle Network CyberTournament
An MMBN based online game.
Category: MegaMan Battle Network | Movement: Neutral
Today 2
Average 3.3
Megaman EXE RPG - Stats
5 Megaman EXE RPG
Experience the world of Megaman Battle Network, but with a twist to the storyline! Create your own Operator and Navi, then play with other members in a world you help to shape!
Category: MegaMan Battle Network | Movement: Neutral
Today 1
Average 1.7
  Title - Description Today Average Stats
6 CyberForte.net - A Battle Network Rockman.exe Site with other stuff.
Category: MegaMan Battle Network Down
1 1.3 Stats
7 MMBN Online - MMBNO is now back with a new site, a new domain, and several new features including a wiki! We are also home to one of the longest running MMBN forums. Check us out at mmbno.com!
Category: MegaMan Battle Network Down
1 0.6 Stats
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