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The MegaMan Melee

The MegaMan Melee


Username: 24
Description: A world of endless prospect, and endless dangers.... a system based both on role-play and battle, allowing for one of the most customizable systems known to Mega-Man RPGs. Do you have the strategy needed to survive?
URL: http://raven8sp.proboards32.com
Category: MegaMan RPGs
Member Since: 2005-02-24

Average Rating: 4 / 5
Number of Ratings: 442


2006-08-08 14:21:18
Okay, I'm gonna set the record straight here. I'm one of the mods for the site (username: stefjenova) and I want to apologize for the absence of a lot of the administration and staff. That's mostly why everything's going so slow; they have stuff to do outside of the MMM and once they get their priorities out of the way, they'll be glad to come along and speed things up again. Now I feel I need to respond to some extremely qualified critics.

"royally sucks. Nothing is oringal and everything is ripped off/stolen from other sites. *goes to report to proboards staff*"
It ain't ripped off; the site and the GameFAQs topic it was spawned from are in actuality over three years old. And you, poster, were there in... July '06? Wow, a month ago. Sorry, but you're wrong; door's that way, thank's for playing. Even if it were ripped off (it wasn't), we've added so much recently such as a Card system and Custom Virus pets to further augment your Navi. Plus, Custom Virus sales in-game are 33% off for this week. So, no, we didn't rip off anyone's system; odds are they ripped ours.

"Sure Admins have lives, however they took the time to make the site and therefore they need to also take the time to do their damn jobs or quit em. If they can't do that then their completely worthless as admins."

Maybe admins can't foretell, Nostradamus, that something will interfere with their lives in a year or two. I'd say a real job (the head admin works with animals) takes precedence over a web site made in free time.

And later you say you waited seven months. I guarantee it wouldn't happen if you made yourself a good member of the community and showed up more than <<gasp>> once a month to post. Once a week is tolerable; once a month makes you go completely unnoticed. Get your name out there and I guarantee you would have been approved a lot quicker. In reality it was you making your wait time so long; you could have PM'd an admin, even; admins and mods don't just throw away PMs.

"For pure lack of being good in any area, this site gets a 1 and I'm leaving it. 7 months of waiting, correcting, posting, getting flamed by the head admin, and more waiting is such a load of cat s**t."
Ah, yes, the poster I was talking about waiting seven months. Show me your so called "flame" and I'll show you either a post that generated that post or a helpful piece of advice. Raven doesn't flame without a reason, and especially not out of the blue to a new user.

"2006-07-21 08:58:10
This site fails in the following areas:

1: Grammar and spelling. Learn english people or get off the internet.
2: A good creation system. It's okay, but there are ALOT of cheap players who have found loopholes.
3: A good layout. It's to damn dark and anyone who says otherwise needs to get their eyes checked. Period.
4: A storyline. I seriously don't see one at all. A RPG needs a storyline, and a good one at that.
5: The staff. Their mean to everyone unless you kiss up to them.

In short, this site fails to be good. Unless you like crappy RPG's, stay away from here."

I just wanted to respond to this one.

1) One admin's keyboard is admittedly a piece of crap. And admittedly, we can't force members to keep their language clean and organized like novel-writing or anything; it's the internet and all. But all the staff makes a concerted effort to keep our posts professional-looking and easy to understand.
2) One "cheap" player doesn't go to the site anymore, and the other Navi, the mainly-refered-to Inertia, isn't so much a loophole Navi as it is a "Can kick your arse while following the rules to the letter" Navi. Plus, it's the highest or second highest level member-controlled Navi.
3) Brighten up your monitor, looks fine to me.
4) It has a whole story section and for that matter multiple storylines, including a custom storyline section, if you'd have stopped to smell the roses - er, read the story.
5) Who says we're mean. We're nice unless you tick us off. Nothing is worse than a new member with an ego or a disregard for rules; blare your ego like you do your stereo and you'll be brought to earth quickly. Seen too much of it. Just don't cause trouble and we'll get along great. Better yet, make your intro, read the rules and make your character. Quickman (one admin) made a new user's guide for creation rules, so if you're confused, start there, and we'll be only too happy to help you out, especially when I personally get back to school; send me a PM and I can help you get started. Just don't ask me to give you a hug and change your diaper; I'm not your father.

And yes, I can be sarcastic and just plain rude, but I don't have evil intentions nor hold agendas, grudges, or hate excessively... or hate.

So mostly, join up and if you're gonna be a member, be a member and not a "once a month check-in."

Oh, and...

"The layout is bad, the character creation isn't open enough to allow the "unlimited customizing" they say there is, and the open ended RPs "where you control the story" is a complete laugh."

Layout has been proven effective, mate.
Navi creation not custom enough? I defy you to look over some experienced members' stats; for reference, check the stats for Lifeline, IronMan, Kazu, Cloud, or myself. We're really open about thinking outside the box, so some stuff that you think might think is overpowered or underpowered but an idea nonetheless, we'll help make it possible.

Anyway, that's my say on it. Seriously though, join for at least a month and check in more than once in that month before you proclaim something as garbage.

2008-08-26 09:01:42

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